Spear by Shiznitz
Spear by Shiznitz
I basically tweaked this one out.. i have no idea why it sucks so bad but thats top of the line SPEARFXSUX art. in the RAW. this is an ansi for all of MISTIGRIS
IIIiii:::: :: :
this is a diz i drew for mist, i dont know if it will be used so i will throw itin here.. weeehaa.
IIIiii:::: :: :
l ..:::::
J ,,aa
,Y ,,,,,
.lJ ,al
.YT ,l
l l
!. l
. Ya. l
, Yl,
, T
, YY
this is a diz i drew for my new mag DANK. diggity dank babbbyyyy
IIIiii:::: :: :