Mistigris January Information by Cthulu, Rzee, fish
Mistigris January Information by Cthulu, Rzee, fish
the mistigris funk in 1998!
A few notes about this pack release...
To begin with, generally the only purpose of this infofile is to direct
the attention of the faithful reader and fan to Kithe, the e-mag contained
within Mistigris packs and containing all sorts of information regarding the
group and its assorted coterie.
Well, this still directs you there. However, that is made somewhat morecomplex by the fact that it has not been included inside this archive. This in
itself is not unusual - we havent released an issue of the magazine since last
October. However for the first time now we will do something different - directyou to the filename of KITHE-15.ZIP, released exclusively and independantly fromthe mist pack.
We had our reasons, and frankly we thought that we could release both a
better mist pack by cutting down on its size and a better issue of Kithe by
waiting a few days past the release of the pack to spiff it up and make its
contents REALLY relevant and massagable. Er, sorry, a McLuhan moment.
So this infofile contains marginally more information than you should
expect, though much less than the full release of the standard mag, replete withall its typical features. By the time you read this infofile, it should be
out after all, our distribution isnt THAT good so be sure to pick it up.
Looking through this pack, one thing that you will notice beyond the
startling and shocking lack of an issue of Kithe! oh, yeah, I already covered
that is that we seem to have some new artists among our midst. The matter willbe covered more thoroughly in Kithe, but to draw attention to them in this
context - through the recent deaths of venerable groups like Lazarus, Fuel and
Twilight we have managed to acquire some artists the likes of Tricolore and
Fire From Heaven. In addition, by virtue of their contacts, work that they
release in this pack includes collaborative guest appearances from Warpus and
The Knight. Groovy.
There are other new members as well like Mr. Wrong, Da Drug, Mosen and
Hacker Joe, but theyll get further coverage in Kithe 15.
group showing
Just for a vague summary of whats up with the different departments
in regard to this pack, heres the lowdown:
In addition to a slew of great art from new members Tricolore, FFH,
Mr. Wrong ansi head Quip delivers a great smackerel of logos as well as a
couple of well-defined pics. Dead Soul, a traditional ascii artist, adds the
ansi medium to his portfoilo. Sarcasm returns to us after the apparent death
of gLUE, presenting us with releasable material, but most importantly, we
release Geekboy ansi for probably the first time! Certainly the first time
outside an April 1st pack.
Returning from his triumphant ascent to the top of the ascii scene, DeadSoul returns, the prodigal son, to show us how newschool is REALLY drawn. Quip
continues trying his hand at ascii, and Feral aka Beepy the Donut releases
what may prove to be his last oldschool ascii colly ever. Division head Weird
makes a consistant showing as well.
Dead Soul continued to amaze us all as he racked up credit in this thirddepartment, releasing his debut high-resolution in this pack. Rage and Onyx
the latter perhaps better known for his Sonic Equinox leadership, Delphic
Oracle membership and recent Blender winning finally got their scanners
together, respectively, so what we have in this pack from them is some
photoshopped-up versions of sketches originally done in pencil or whatever by
them. Thanatos returns from the dead, so to speak, with some new releases in
this pack, and even syncr0w, Bloodshed, department head Silent Knight and new
member Draco manage to foist a new release or two off on us.
With a fantastic balance of pictures and logos, with techniques of all
kinds around, I feel proud that this month the VGA department ceases to be
merely the hobby of two or three individuals but a fully-fledged department in
its own sake, ready to deal with the world on its own terms.
a note from Onyx on onxspc2.gif
A scan of my first pic involving the uniform in spc1. My hand scanner
isnt big enough to do the whole pic, and it was already colored, so I thought
id just toss this in so people could have a looksee at the detail on the
marines uniform.
Not a lot going on here, but rumor has it that Platinum and Tincat are
feverishly at work setting up a BBS which will actually feature ripscrip format
art. Elite!
Despair not! We have not forsaken music! phew! for a minute I thoughtthat mist packs werent quite large enough! However, there is none of in this
pack for a few reasons - file size and conversion difficulties being primary in
these concerns. Excellent work was submitted by Draco and former EuphoniX
member JaZz, and with luck it will be released soon for your listening pleasure.In other news, Hacker Joe, a talented individual with alas, no releases for the
pack, joins the fray. Music head Haquisaq and the rest of the department seem
to have holed up in preparation for MC6, the 6th scene-wide music competition.
The only resultant outcome of this creation so far has been the announcement
that in the absence of Atomique, Neosporin will be the new music HQ. Tricolore
announces that he will continue to track but will be making releases under his
own group label, so as to release in disks filled with nothing but his music.
lit:odd how theres the most news about
this. maybe someone else should write the infofile next time
A stockpile of lit is purged in this pack as indeed, well, art of everyform is - but lit just collects in mounds of so much greater density in the
first open release the previous pack was a holiday-themed one, and before that
the blender entry pack since the anniversary. As a result, there is somewhat
of a glut. Nevertheless, be fully encouraged to pick and choose between the
magnanomous offerings of the only truly great lit division remaining in the
To begin with, I draw your attention to an experimental and tongue-in-
cheek collaborative - check out US-ANGST.LIT to experience what, it is our
severest belief, will prove to be the ANGSTIEST POEM IN THE WORLD!
Most of Cthulus work in this pack as well as two or three poems in
previous packs is reprinted from a folio he published as a term project in his
English 109 Creative Writing course in September though December. Its a
different style, but he finds that it works. Criticism is appreciated.
In other lit news keep your eyes peeled for Cthulus rumoured solo pack
as well as for the inaugural issue release of an e-mag dedicated to the lit
Various coding projects are constantly underway refinement of Pablo,
beta-testing and development of MagNUM as well as a major movement to establisha current presence on all aspects of the internet. Infinite Madness has aided
here with the re-establishment of Mr. Gris, go on, say it nice and slow the
mist bot on EFNet. Other ventures into the real-world, from t-shirts to
CD-pressing to the looming first release of Dream Factory, are still pending as
of press time 8
ach! laddie
the best laid schemes
o Mice and Men
go aft agley
when rendered in ansi
so happy robbie burns day
to everyone without a head
what are you wearing under there?
Thats right, today - Friday, January 23rd, is Robbie Burns day! er,
whaddawhawhee day? Robert Burns was an influential pre-Romantic poet from
Scotland, best known for a slew of vernacular-studded lyrics like My love is
like a red, red rose. and Auld Lang Syne.
Yeah. Only in a group with a lit department would this be celebrated 8To further its ridiculousness, I cant even think of any Mist members of
Scottish Decent! So, er, enjoy Robbie Burns day 8
so heres to the Scottish Prick!
hows that pick-up
line go again? Is that a haggis
have ye got any in your pants or areirish in ye? you just happy to see me?
well, would ye
like some?
mISTfUNK 1998:
ZW Funk is government control! Down with Funk! Kill Funk! Get down with Funk!
ZW Funk down! Yow!
Ct Funk you.
WD whoisthisdoingthissynthetictypeofalphabetapsychedellicfunkin
ZW The mainstream Man is funking with the Funk, you jive?
ZW Its a freefallinhipjigglinholymotherfunkingrevolution, babee.
- captured discreetly off TabNet, courtesy of Weird, Cthulu and Zamfir Worshipper
infofile text by cthulu of mistigris
really spiffy logo on top by rzee of society formerly of force in a really spiffy guest appearance
but you know, he could so join mist and release with us any time he felt like it 8