digital world v1.01 by phorce phed
digital world v1.01 by phorce phed
a leper society production
version one point oh one
this is a memorial
its been a while since ive done the greets thing...
kid kracker .. are you even there to read this or are you living in a cardboard
box now? anyway, your board was the best.
deetchman .... d00d, we both have gr337z! now we are k-rad like ueic! -
nirk fiend ... hello, ive come to service the poet.
atomic fate .. i dont know where youve got off to, but if i cant find you,
ill courier myself!
lord vader ... the emperor owns vader. but is the emperor wearing clothes?
quran ....... thanks for putting up with me -
d. knightmare excellent board, but the menus are a bit severe... -
phyx ......... hi im phix, and im way too k-rad for you local lamerz!
we welcome all who wish to join contribute, especialy
zooburbia residents, it iz time!,.
psichosonik .. ill be your co-sysop if youll let me on the board! -
rayonix ...... i have an idea for a single screen ansi, and ill get around to
it one of these days... -
doom people . you rule, thanks for helping me with unix stuff.
everybody .... dont hold your breath till the next time i do greets.
and sorry about re-releasing this, but there was a bug in it
that i finally had time to correct...