killing technology by phorce phed
killing technology by phorce phed
the below pic of gordo is from
q-l.o.c. number 1 page five panel two.
the original is owned by mark paulik.
but because information wants to be
free, and i spent a lot of time
hand-crafting this ansi-fied ver its
c phorce phed leper society mcmcxv
now for some of my fairly-rare greets:
everybody in ls, skaven for the s3m
i listened to while i made this,
psycho skylark, g-man, mistawho, cash,
fti, and everybody who ive forgotten.
to get a k-spiffy ansi of your own,
call executive enterprizes at 616
327-8912 or write
METZGAL! Go over and knock
yourself out at the liquid
bar...Ill figure out your
info-credit and have C.L.A.R.C.
bring it over to ya...
phorce leper
phed society
is where
his teeth
didnt get
the jaw line
quite exact,
but nobody this was hard,
notices but it looks
right in vga
pp mode!
ls p
this bar code p
p l
pp p s
but it would rule
more if it said
something in it
hot damn, nice
arm muscles on this
dude pretty buff for a
guy who isnt much more
pp than a futuristic hacker-
pp ls
i wasnt even thinking of deetchs kt logo...but this looks like it! weird...