fr-al_progress.ans by FreshRich
fr-al_progress.ans by FreshRich
Rough sketch with Wacom Intuous BT S in Moebius. I did this at work. Tablet is okbut hard to draw with on thisdesk.
Initial outline in black with Wacom Intuous,Moebius line tool and free-hand.
Making adjustments, realizing image is off-model... erased some of the sketch lines and adding some highlights and solid colors. Decided to stop for the day so I could come back with fresh eyes later to see the mistakes.
Made helmet bigger, moved spike on shoulder...
started shading. No more Intuous... using
a mouse from here on out. Committing to
the mistakes and finishing up.
Got lazy, used over-shading as
an excuse to stop. Convinced
myself less is more.
Lets round off that noggin... might as well.
Thats better... still not great, but it will do.
Need to do something else here... why not just
melt this medicore image into some generic,
I mean, cool looking font? Well, drip
is a better word for it, I suppose.
Im so lazy...
Anyway, thats it. Two days off-
and-on working on this and Im
done. Maybe Smooth or The
Knight can shade it for
me and make it look