fr-edward_progress2.ans by FreshRich
fr-edward_progress2.ans by FreshRich
Another Full Metal Alchemist ANSI. Wacom IntuosEdward kind of looks like David Bowie here. At this point, Im already cleaning up lines - reference is open on 2nd monitor. Ive been drawingwith dark gray and then using light gray to clean up the thick lines until I find what Im looking for. The ANSI canvas isproportionate to the image Im looking at, so its easier totell when something is wonky. Line tool to outline the sketch. I like how it looks at this point. Just seems cool with the sketch under the black lines. Used color replace to remove the dark gray lines. Lots of mistakes that need to be corrected. Missing details, too. My hat is off to anyone that draws using a mouse exclusively. I cant do it... thats why I never did any ANSI art in the past. Having a tablet is really a game changer. I do, however, use a mouse and keyboard for shading and smaller stuff. Added local color. Looks terrible right now. I am really starting to see a lot of mistakes, but Ill try to clean them up when I start shading. Went ahead and added some shadows on hair/face. Finishing that hand is going to be a pain. Walking away for a bit to get fresh eyes. Hand needs lots of detail added. --here changed the hair here -- This still needs alot of work! This is the part I really hate: Shading Its so tedious and time consuming. Anyway, heres the first pass that I made. Started working on the hand/arm, added some initial texture to the hair. Once I finish the first complete pass, I will go back over it again and clean it up, or not... it depends. At this point, Im really starting to get bored - and lazy. The drawing part iswhat I like, not the shading... mainly because Im terrible at it. Im about to wrap this up and say its finished.
Finished. Simple black background, lazy shading, mediocre drawing.
I see lots of mistakes, so maybe Ill come back in a few months and
work on it some more, but more than likely I wont.
It doesnt look that bad when I look at my monitor from the
kitchen, which is about 15 feet away... so thats nice.