Legacy Krew Pack #3 Info File by Smooth
Legacy Krew Pack #3 Info File by Smooth
Everything requires a reset. Especially, when the vaccine is
slowly being rolled out to the entire world. Little by little
everything will go back to normal. No more toilet paper hoarding
for me I meant my family. Anachronist can finally get some
rest as he can watch his anime at a normal pace. No more
anime binge watching sessions with CatX. MadDog wont have to
test out new stitch patterns for masks he sells at the parking
lot of the local shopping center. We can finally go back to
breathing normal again. Hawk and tK can go outside more often
to visit the local pub. Drinking at home means having to clean
up your empty bottles in the morning or not... hehe. Overall,
regardless of the challenges that we all went through --
B7, Lazarus, Impure, and Mistigris have put out some amazing
art at years end. We apologize for being fashionably late
with our THIRD pack. We decided to have our NEW YEARS DAY
release party in France and ordered some Paris Pizza from Le
Grub Hub. But after getting our 5 boxes of delicious pizza we
noticed some amazing doodles drawn on top of the covers.
Pizza, PIzza! Hey! Who drew these awesome pics on top of our pizza
boxes. 0dd and CoaxCable grab the boxes and start to chow down
while our delivery girl is looking at us with the stinkest eye
that weve ever seen. Dont make me clob you with this Wacom
graphics tablet. We honestly thought it was a cross-body bag.
Anachronist and I put up our hands and say, WOAHH NOW, la femme
cow-girl! SLOW YOUR ROLL. tK the grinch peeks in and says, Bah
humbug... its a french girl. He grabs a bottle of Stella Artois
and heads back to his C64 gaming rig. Ding, Dong! The doorbell
rings. Wassup, boyz! Its our homies from across the 7-block -
aK, Filth, and tainted. We pay our delivery girl and invite her
to stay and draw some ANSis with us. Hayn9 felt we were cool.
We were E-LEET. So now shes fam. Welcome to Legacy Krew, Hayny!
Coax reads his Twitter news on his Windows Vista Smartphone and asks
Grisk if its true that his pet lion ate Misfits baby rat that was
born on the New Years Eve. Grisk whispers back, Shhhh... dont
be spreading rumors. Theres far more interesting things to read
about. Fresh Rich and Meatlotion are so busy watching the NEW
BBS documentary https://www.youtube.com/watch?vn0OwGSX2IiQ that
they dont even realize that they were missing out on the
pizza. Crepes anyone?
Whats The Dealy? Theres a lot of cool things happening in the
Bulletin Board Community. A couple of BBS software packages now
have the capability of displaying ANSI/ASCII screens at 132 cols
x 37 rows 16x9 aspect ratio? What kind of SORCERY is this?.
The BBS software cannot act on its own. It still needs a ANSI
term that supports it like Syncterm, Netrunner latest prealpha,
and web terminals sunch as fTelnet and VTX. SyncTerm and VTX
also support extended color palettes. This info file will
display perfectly when viewed by either one of those terminals I
suggested. Did someone mention sixel graphics? Oh No! I dont
think you can handle the TRUTH. SIXEL? SEXY? :D
We will no longer be supporting Legacy/X BBS software as this
project never came to fruition. Many have waited over a year
and its become vaporware. We look forward in designing new
screens for all of the other BBS software packages out there
that are actively being developed.