Legacy Krew Memberlist and Distros by 5m and aK
Legacy Krew Memberlist and Distros by 5m and aK
We hope you enjoyed our THIRD release! // Yeah yeah yeah! We know! Its way
past Christmas 2020! Merry Ho Ho Ho you filthy animals!
Skulls were a joint effort by Alpha King and Smooth
Ghost of . .
:::: OUR MEMBERS / /
5moOth, Anachronist, CatX, Fresh Rich, Mad Dog, Hayn9 NEW!,
CoaxCable, Odd, Griskokare, The Knight, Meatlotion :
These guys are the BEST. Sticking together through
thick and thin. Much mahalos Legacy Krew.
Filth, Tainted, and Alpha King from Blocktronics.
Thanks so much for submissions guys. Were always
appreciative of any guest art or collaborative efforts
in our packs.
Ghost of
Christmas Present
:::: OUR DISTROS / /
These Legacy artpacks are not delivered by Santa Claus
to the world all by himself. The distribution of
these sweet juicy morsels of art are done by all of
Santas helpers too. Youll be able to view them online
by the largest textmode and underground art scene
archive website - 16colors.
We still keep things oldschool by sharing our packs
through ArakNet on these BBS distro sites.
Absinthe BBS North Carolina Outpost
telnet: absinthebbs.net:1940
Black Flag BBS Florida Outpost
telnet: blackflagbbs.com:23
Bottomless Abyss BBS Canada Outpost
telnet: bottomlessabyss.net:2023
Distortion BBS Washington Outpost
telnet: d1st.org:23
Ink Two BBS California Outpost
telnet: bbs.inktwo.com:23
Slime City BBS Sweden Outpost
telnet: bbs.retrohack.se:23
Toxic BBS Netherland Outpost
telnet: toxic.oldskoolbbs.com:1337
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Yet To
You can find us via our online social sites:
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/legacykrew1
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/legacykrew
Twitter : https://twitter.com/legacykrew
Discord : https://discord.gg/4skjgJE
Pinterest : https://is.gd/BBQFID
If youre interested in submitting artwork to Legacy Krew, please join
our Discord Server and upload a sample of your artwork. Thanks for the
time and wishing all a wonderful New Year! Woohoo! Twenty-Twenty One,
here we come!