Amber by Grateful Dead
Amber by Grateful Dead
bIzNiTChInG in the 95. Grateful Dead of Legend did t
his. ma take this badge right offa me. i
cant use it anymore. knock knock knocking on heaven
s door.
ma take these guns away from me. i cant shoot them a
nymore. knock knock
knocking on heavens door. ma take my clothes away fro
m me. i cant wear them
anymore. knock knock knocking on heave
ns door. knock knock knock.
/!Grateful Dead Legend /!
SOp:Corwin Of Amber
this ansi is by Grateful Deadof Legend. uh
h here mike.put up with my fonts
till i like get the hang of doig this here shit again.
.. supz to mike, jeff,
greg, dan,casey, nelson, larry, iodine,and the rest o
f the legend crew.