LAZARUS 11 NFO by warpus + MFS
LAZARUS 11 NFO by warpus + MFS
warpus here. I want to say a couple things. First of all, to everyone who said nice things about our 10th pack, thank you! It feels
like Laz 10 just came out.. and maybe its too soon to really reflect on it, but I dont care. As you all know I took over Lazarus
last pack.. and there was some trepidation that I would not be able to fill Hennifers shoes.. but I think we can all agree that
Laz 10 turned out just great, and if I do say so myself this one is even better. I still havent gotten used to being in charge of
Lazarus, this being only the second pack since I took over, but I think it should be obvious to everyone that were on a great run
and have good momentum going.
In other news.. Since the last pack - Everybody except me and Quip has fucking quit.
I cant even really explain what happened one day they were members and now theyre just gone. I had a couple options:
1. Give up and dissolve Lazarus
2. Talk shit in ansi
3. Recruit some new people to replace the old members
I think you can guess what I did -- recruit some new members, which was easy given the very high profile nature of Lazarus.
Filth was not recruited. Award-winning new member Mel Farr Suppastar joins us from FUEL, bringing many talents and various colourful
pants. Discofunk 1974 also joins us this month, bringing a level of funk not seen since...1974. Flewid joins the ranks as a long
sought after ASCII talent and 1337 hax0r. Luminator joins as a representative of several islands near Madagascar, as well as
all of Eurasia.
By now youre probably thinking that Filth drew the logo above all this text.. Well, youre wrong. He did not draw that.
Hes actually not a member.
And honestly, I really did think about going on some sort of crazy long hiatus. I was incensed when I discovered almost all of
our members had quit. I reached out to the people that I am closest to. I emailed Hennifer who btw says Hi. Grind King
didnt say anything but looked sideways slightly.
But no, QUITTING IS FOR LOSERS. Lazarus will live on! Well come back from the dead another day.
So sit back and get ready for some amazing Lazarus art!
We have a wonderful pack for you this month! Our entire memberlist is contributing, which has not happened since the very first
pack. That sounds like a cause for celebration to me! We also have exciting guest collaborations and apearances by Grind King,
Misfit, Whazzit, Avg, Tainted, Burps, Necro, Nail, The Knight, Shapes, mx, sIMONkING, and Filth, who is actually not a member.
I would like to thank all these amazing artists who took time out of their busy lives to contribute to this project!
Thank you to all of our members as well, a list which does not include Filth.
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Brand Ambassador Grizzled Veteran
Mel Farr Suppastar clarifies the Lazarus Brand Quips Friendly Flashbacks
As most of you know, I have spent the time since the First off, Id just like to thank MFS for being the first
break up of FUEL as THE MOST COVETED FREE AGENT IN THE to finally pay tribute to all the heavy lifting going on
ENTIRE SCENE. People have spent so much time/energy over here.
speculating on where I was going to land that stress
induced immuno-disorders from not knowing my plans is now Second, Id like to tell you a story about the time I went
a disease officially known as covid-19. When it came to London, Ontario, in 1998. I met a ton of people in the
out that I joined Lazarus, like an enema, people l o s t ANSI scene, and they were all very friendly and we had a
t h e i r s h i t. good time. I went camping with Warpus, Grind King, and
a few others. At one point Warpus injected me with
and the one question everyone asked was: why Lazarus? something. It wasnt drugs. He denied it immediately,
and even jumped off a cliff as a diversion. Just like now,
Of course I had other options. Elko was begging me to join I helped him onto his feet and put the pieces back
TRSI and for some reason people thought that I was going together. I figured it was just the mushrooms and let the
to join teklords, but I chose Lazarus. Why? whole thing go.
One way to think about a group is that it should have I continued to draw for some time after, but found myself
an identity beyond the fact of well were all good ansi more drawn to making mods in Impulse Tracker, and dove
artists. I think a group should have some sort of head-first into the world of being a DnB producer and DJ.
distinctive character that makes them distinguishable I still do it. But something wasnt right..
from other groups. A Group should stand for something,
unless that something is a Pennsylvan Anabaptist For years after, I didnt know where the problem was
lifestyle. coming from.
Whatever group I joined, it has to be one whose values It started as a subconscious thing. Id be doodling on a
I respect and admire. piece of paper and even if I were drawing someones head,
it would be a square. Wheels on a car? Square. My hand
What is Lazarus about? writing slowly lost its curves, and became illegible.
If you read the .nfo from Lazarus 1 LOL WHO READZ Even when I was DJing, my set lists would end up looking
NFO FILEZ, Grind King may he grind forever invites like this:
people to join Lazarus If you are nice. In a scene
full of drama and immaturity, Grind King called out for Noisia - Block Control
nice people. Lazarus is the most Canadian group of Silent Witness Break - Block
all time at this moment, I am the only non-Canadian Logistics Ill.Skillz - Notes From The Block
current member and I grew up in MI 15 miles from Canada! DJ SS - Leicester Square
Borderline - Square One
Another way you can think about Ansi groups is where Calyx - Cubic
they were on the spectrum from self-serious to humorous. etc.
Lazarus was frequently funny, whimsical, and clever. Of
course that didnt mean they didnt make great art. I I didnt know what was going on. Never figured it out
would encourage you to check out Lazarus 3 + Lazarus 9. either, but its funny, it just kinda went away about a
Theres some amazing work in there. year and a half ago *shrug*
But you want to know the 1 thing I like about Lazarus? On an unrelated note, it was around that time when Warpus
In the halcyon days of 96-98, when the scene was at its contacted me and I began drawing ANSI once again. The
peak, most people were only respected to the extent of issue never came back either. I was even able to eat food
their artistic abilities which is understandable, it was of all shapes again! Thank god, because I was getting so
an ART scene. As a guy who sucked at ansi, it was hard tired of bouillon cubes.
to make friends. But there was one group where literally
everyone was nice to me...Lazarus. Theres no group I Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the pack, and make sure to
would rather join except Hirmu. It means the world to stay the hell away from Warpus at all times. But also,
me to be able to contribute to the legacy of Lazarus. please join Lazarus.
I want to thank QUIP for doing ALL OF THE WORK to get this
thing out of the ground. I want to point out that Filth
is not a member and I want to say I really hope you enjoy
the pack!
One other thing, seeing as how this is a Canadian Temporal Philosopher
super-group, it would be nice if someone made a Bret Hart Discofunk 1974 runs the voodoo down
reference, as that would be very on-brand.
A lot can happen in, what is it? 20 years? give or take?
I dont really have a lot to say, but I guess one thing
Sentient Bulb of Light Ive learned is you cant make excuses. Not for who you
Luminator brightens our darkest hour were, not for who you are, not for who youre trying to be.
Similar to Bret Hart, it is what it is, it is what it was,
and it is what it will be. It all has to stand alone.
It all has to speak for itself. You have to own it all,
so that you can show people today that youre not the
When I think about joining a group, there is one question mistakes you made yesterday. And if you are, well, what
I always ask: Will I learn something from this are you going to do tomorrow to make up for it?
experience? When it comes to Laz, I thought that by
joining I would learn whether or not Filth was a member. ... Or just smoke a ton of weed and see what happens.
In reality, no one seems to be willing to answer that
question, which means that my walk towards enlightenment Youll probably be good either way.
is just beginning.
As a gesture of good will I have attached the following
Wetworks Drycleaner
Flewid is unfrozen
The 90s are a blur of jolt cola, dial-up bbss and IRC
for Flewid. He doesnt even remember what group he was
in.. just that they merged with ACiD, whatever.
I dont have much to say.. just that Im happy to be a
part of the scene some 25 years after I was first
I like drawing ASCIIs, warpus is a good bro who re-introd
me to the scene, and well, here I am. Hit up my BBS if
you want to do a request
This coupon recently rejected as the flag of Lazarus! Actually, since you mentioned that... said warpus
is good for 70 off energy efficient lightbulbs at IKEA
this space intentionally leftist politics
Offering unique EAST Canadian vibes, catch Lo-Fi @ +o Flewid Coming Soon!
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