laz##(09) news & info by lazarus
laz##(09) news & info by lazarus
lazarus 09, august 1997 -
1, 2 oh my god!
its those freaky lazarus kids hittin you up with that funky-fresh ansi
style youve come to know and love!
thats right, our 9th ansipackage is upon us, and we couldnt be happier.
weve come a long way from our original *5* members to the bustling group
of scenesters we are today, and now that were starting to make some noise
we have a goal in mind. you see, weve sat on our fannies long enough
watching our beloved scene dwindle away to a lack of fiesty competition.
well, no more -- oh no! well be dropping proverbial ansi bombs left
and right, so other groups, BEWARE!@ muHAHAHahahah!!!!
member news
the artist known as the artist formerly known as neophyte, is now known as
our beloved seraphim had to leave us this month. dual grouping was too
much for him so he decided to stick to one his local groups. we wish him
the best of luck, the miserable bastard.
we got a bunch of new memberz!@:
crayon - everyone should know crayon by now. this wacky swede joins
us from the remenants of eclipse.
ironghost - has been in groups such as ophidiac and rile. were really
happy to add igs talents to the team.
mosen - joins us from force, and is the first aussie in our ever so
multi-cultural group of artists.
necrolyte - joined us earlier in the month and then vanished, so we
couldnt get any of his work. he hails from rile.
offspring - this former septic member and fellow 519er comes out of
dormancy to add his ansi talents to lazarus.
tricolore - this excellent graff-style fontist joins us from echo.
also, we regained contact with a lost lazarus member. we welcome back
iceage from having a life! he emailed us at just the right time, since we
were about to take his sorry ass off the member list.
aka hennifer, henny-poo, trick-ass-biotch, my partner in crime, left me
last month to go campingg in newbrunswick, with his family.. or something
silly like that. i hope he gets back soooon, we all miss him so.
dancing machine
i think my career as a professional dancer got off to a good start last
month, as i was seen on electric circus.. if only for 5 seconds.. and
while standing outside. *sigh*
people tend to complain that my infofiles arent nearly long enough, so i
figured this would be the perfect time to add a few lines of filler.
thanks for reading.
- grind king