about illogic. by illogic and friends.
about illogic. by illogic and friends.
- Hi, im illogic. I just wanted to tell you about me and my scenelife.
You can usually find me on irc chatting with my fellow ansidewdlers.
tEAtEW illogic: youre a whore
- I release all my ansis in this group called Lazarus.
hal illogic - yeah, lazarus rocks.
hal its too bad that youre ruining their rep. :
hal because you SUCK. :
- I think i really suck at outlines.
Some people think my shading isnt that good either.
illogic pe: tell me whatcha think of that shading..
PhonyEye let me tell you what i really think:
PhonyEye infantile
- But even if some people think im one of the less talented artists
around, i still get requests!
neophyte can you do me another logo? you know..
one that doesnt SUCK like that last one you did me?
- Thats a little about me. It may seem that people dont like me
that much, but i still find a friend along the way.
tna bah.. you dont suck that much.