may (06) infofile
may (06) infofile
welcome, one and all to yet another romp in the woods
? with your good buddiesin lazarus. yes, thats ex
actly what lazarus is. the good buddies of the ans
iscene. so, umm.. wanna lend me 5.00?
first off, i want to apologize to my fellow lazbian
s for holding
this pack up. we all know i have my reasons, but u
mm.. reasons
suck. hopefully this pack doesnt.
second off, lazarus has four new members this month
, compared to
zero departing members!!
- bare bonez, who actually joined us a
while back. his
first submission is a pic. a good omen, non?
- impulse, also of cia, joins. he con
tributed the font
at the top of this infofile. pretty impressive!
style reminds me a bit of chromatik. another g
- phanatik, another new european memb
er, blew me away
this month by submitting a TON of ansis!! sure ma
a good first impression.
- seraphim has joined, quit,
and joined lazarus again.
fortunately hes got his first laz relea
se in here, a
cRRAZY joint with warpus. ho
pefully, hell have more
eye-candy for us as soon as he recovers
his harddrive.
welcome, all, into the ranks of the lazbians. i
f you want to
follow in the footsteps of these four, just contact
me via email
or on irc, and send me a couple of your ansis. d
ont worry, i
donut bite.
third off, last laz pack, grind king wasnt kidding
. transient
really IS off hiking the appalachian mountains.
who knows what
5 months mountaineering will do to his style...
fourth off, ive noticed in a lot of infofiles that
its cool to
have a vertical bar of ansi-garble, with your text
running into
it. in an effort to be cool, enjoy:
yes, this is definitely mol.
in the last few months, l
working on quite a few sp
im sure youd love to kn
details about them, but t
i can, however, tell you
s was
working on a viewing prog
unfortunately, black maid
incorporated viewing insi
we had planned for our ow
that already done, we dec
ap the
oh fuck, this isnt workin
on a final note, thanks for the fileid.diz, dv8!
see you next month, lazarite-fans!
probably not on the 1st, though...