LAZ#05 info by grind king
LAZ#05 info by grind king
LAZARUS - info file 05, for april 1997
april f0olz!@ were late!!!
yep, so were a little tardy this month, but we were faced with a
multitude of obstacles -- some of our members ran in to such problems as:
a untimely overdosing on heroin
b being inducted into the polish army, and
c taking a six month sabbatical in the swiss alps for real!!
despite such mortal hardships, lazarus has prevailed, and i am proud to
present to you the fifth lazarus ansi pack for the month of april!
you win some, aaand you lose some..
this month we had our first casualty -- wyvern. unlike me, he really
did overdose on heroin after an influential viewing of trainspotting. the
good news is, we managed to pick up spear, sharp and pointy, he comes to
us from whatever remains of eclipse. thats a member gain:loss ratio of
1:1, so really our net loss is 0. nyaaah!!@
we love you!!
mad props must be given where mad props are due, so a big pat-on-the-
back especially goes to illogic, the silent killer and neophyte for
supporting the rest of our sorry ansi-drawing butts this month. they each
drew plenty logos-a-go-go. also, a big ooops to agent77 for not
mentioning his participation in the last lazarus bowling-fest. lukas, i
thought you were under cover.
up next..
may is officially lazarus drawing month, so if youre in lazarus then
draw. and thats all i have to say about that.
- grind king -