Lapse Productions 11/94 Info File by Seniors Members
Lapse Productions 11/94 Info File by Seniors Members
.TE . ./.
Lapse November Newsletter and Commentary
Well, October came and went quickly, TOO quickly for the artists, as y
ou might
notice. Lapses musicians did an excellent job this month luckily La
has .S3M support, so almost everybody can hear the professional-qualit
y tunes.
Game continues to do an excellent job in the music department of Lapse
Next month will be a more productive month for Lapse ANSI and AGSE art
unfortunately we couldnt get as much done this month as we wanted. T
artwork that WAS done, by Ghent and T/E, was good. Look for a lot of
ansi next month, since most of the artists have several projects in th
works already myself included.
Until next month.. ciao.
Delirium Tremens Lapse
Another month, another pack. Ok, let me get right to the
point grin. This month there was not much ANSI or AGSE, but
there was a TON of music and it all RULED. We were thinking of
just releasing a music pack this month, but eventually decided to
keep a full pack with emphasis on the music. If youve enjoyed
Lapse music in the past, you will thoroughly enjoy what we have
to offer this month.
Game graces us with his usual skill with two excellent
S3Ms, one of which Ghent partially wrote. Ghent and Insanitor
also contributed greatly with their usual plethora of good music,
and even I was able to get 2 S3Ms in this pack. LapseView
should be able to cater to all your music listening, ANSI
viewing, or AGSE viewing needs!
A little plug: For those of you interested in what the AGSE
format is you may have seen us using that format for VGA, I
have now got a BBS up and running that supports on-line AGSE ie,
you can view the VGA over your modem. It is very fast. If you
would like to demo this, the number is 801-944-5421, with a fast
28.8k modem on-line.
No major improvements with LapseView this month. The format
was changed around a little bit, but I didnt really have time to
work on it because I had to do those S3Ms, plus try my hand at
AGSE. F8 now stops music yes!, and the F6 scheme has been
disabled. LapseView is kind of in an interim stage right now,
but it is better than last month. F6 does nothing for the time
being, it will eventually be used to view the title and
instrument lists from S3Ms so you can see all the comments from
the authors.
I am very pleased this month that the music department
stepped in and saved us. I anticipate that November will be a
slow month for most groups out there, so its a big relief that
we are releasing on time November 1st AND with some quality
--The Red Flame Lapse Coding Coordinator
Well, if nothing else, this month has been a good one for
the music department... Weve gotten a ton of music done this
month. Thanks go out to Ghent, Insanitor, and The Red Flame
for making sure that are pack was of a respectable size. :
All of them kicked butt this month.. And I got a couple of
pieces in as well.. Im still getting used the the module
format, but Im starting to get the nick of it.. As are all
of the other music contributing lapse members.. So look for
more great modules, and packs out in the future.. We realize
that the ansi and vga were slim this pack.. vga was
non-existant, I believe... But, were hoping to have more next
pack.. And we figured it was more important just to release
the damn thing.. So here it is! Enjoy it.. Thanks go out to all
the normal awesome guys.. Dt, Tk, Tae, insanitor, ghent, RF, etc,
etc.. All of the contributing members. : Feel free to contact
me about anything on internet.. Laterz...
Well, as usual, Ill end the pack after spending the rest of my nig
sitting here sorting all these damn files.. heh.. Lets see, this mont
h we
were all lazy.. and the month flew past us. Obviously, Delirium Tremen
s must
not have motivated the ansi artists very well.. grin Hurmph, our mus
department did an awesome job this month seemingly putting out the mos
t music
theyve ever done in their lives..
LapseView had a few little updates as Red Flame said up in his part
of this
nifty jumble of comments. Right now, the only thing I have to say is t
o everyon
eon irc in ansi. I will be back soon, Ive lacked an internet
account and
seemingly lost touch with everyone. Oh and about sites, if I missed yo
u on the
site list contact me through one of the other Lapse members on irc.
Well, so, we released a day late.. Its not my fault it took me til
l 12:07 t
ofinish typing this thing.. grin Anyway, Id like to thank a
ll of the Lapse
members and all our supporters and especially all our competition. Per
greets go out to Game, Delirium Tremens, Red Flame, Ghent, Vector-X, S
iDS, and
everyone else on ansi. Groups greets go out to VOR, CiA and every oth
er group
weve competed and come in contact with over the few months weve been
Was that good enough SiDS? g
time killer lapse