Lapse Productions 11/94 Member List by Time Killer
Lapse Productions 11/94 Member List by Time Killer
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Lapse Member Listing
Delirium Tremens DT Ansi Staff Coordinator
Time Killer TK Relations/Organization Coordinato
Game GM Music Staff Coordinator
The Red Flame TRF Coding Coordinator
Hyped HY Ansi Artist
Rodent ROD Ansi Artist
Waxman WX Ansi Artist
T/E TE Ansi Artist
Insanitor IR Musician/Coder
Pyro Maniac PM Vga Artist/Coder
Ghent GH Coder
Tanis TN Courier
The Wizard TW Courier
Deadly Intoxication World HQ Time Killer 80
The Crimson Waters Canadian HQ Proze
Bogus Boutique Norwegian HQ HOS
Project-X Israeli HQ Nyc Kid +
Blood Wych Oz HQ Lone Sector
Open For Application Eastern HQ
The Eighth Plane Mountain HQ Orcus
The Forgotten Underground Member Board Tanis
The Court House Distribution The Judge 20
Reversed Utopia Distribution Mr. Sinister 40
Evil Intentions Distribution Betrayer 40
The Cartel Distribution Omega Redd 516
Reunion of Souls Distribution Sandman 703
Terra Firma Distribution Somms 714
The Dead Sovereignty Distribution Mathules 801
Tramontane Distribution Desolated Dreams 813
Distant Oasis Distribution Deadpool 905
If you were left out, either you have been dropped as a site or I forg
to put you on the list. If you find an error, please contact me asap.