Mud by Nitnatsnoc
Mud by Nitnatsnoc
Integrity presents
an ANSI by Nitnatsnoc
Oh jeez it hurts!
Thehunthad progressedand the chase was great fare
in pursuit of the monster to marshes: its lair.
We split all asunder insearch of the beast
forthe one who could find it would warrant a feast.
My hounds drew me north but I saw in the reeds
The behemoths foul spoor and I reined in my steed.
Progressing on foot, all alone without hounds
I crept through the rushes with nary a sound.
With my blade twixt my teeth I discovered its trail
I knew I was close my complexion was pale
My breathing was haggard, my body was tense
But I knew I was right when I saw its great rents
In the trees and the stones where its claws had been raked
My knife seemed so small had I made a mistake?
But - oho! - there it was! The cacophonous noise
that had made our best knights lose their pride and their poise!
I approachd the cave this was all far too simple!
I stepped on the ground never noticed a dimple
In its sandy surface my hesitant footfall
would trigger engulfing, removing me withal.
The monster was safe for the hunter so smart
had just made a misstep as his ground fell apart.
So soon was I gone, neath the silt and the crud
A small soggy patch of some pitiful mud.
Poem written by
Cthulu of Mistigris
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Mud. ansi by Nitnatsno
c op: Blenderheadunion of Integrity
803345-6148 poem by Cthulu
of Mistigris