Ho-Zone by Darkforce/Mage
Ho-Zone by Darkforce/Mage
Darkforce and Mage of Integrity present... the h0-z0ne, soon to become the Integrity WHQ. This ansi is a fart too I think. Or atleast what I did to it was a fart. :
Chicks in Skirts
Its the sound of heels
They sing clack, click, clack
Click, what do I see?
What a heavenly image
Of Creamy white thighs
Shape accentuated
By the thigh highs
Delicate white panties
Tempted... the skirt
Oh the skirt...
The h0-z0ne - Sysop: Darkforce
Soon to be Integrity World Headquarters
as soon as Questor gets off his
lazy ass and finishes it: