Visions of Sacrifice by Eerie
Visions of Sacrifice by Eerie
hey, by the way, the new number for the toastah is 418 839-7078.
its one of the best boards in canada.a rgle par-dessus tous les autres.ahem
you should really call it or ill tell your mother aboutyou and your sisters
strange sexual habits.
alright, go go power grimlock.. ps: heat wave can cut out the red stuff..
visions of sacrifice - 604-275-8269 - ops: heat wave - integrity member board
this ansi was done by eerie from integrity
font by prophet, also of integrity and stuff...
drawn from the maxx 10, best comic book ever
alright, ill just use this space to tell everyone that even if im moving out,
im still selling ansis. the price remains the same 20 even if my ansis are
a tad bigger these days for some psyched-out send the stuff in us
funds or 25 for canuck fools to david turgeon / po box 66 / lac-beauport
quebec / canada g0a2c0 uh yea, thats my parents address, i dont know the
new address yet for that price you get an ultra-neat ansi that you will love
and cherish forever. hey, im a top-20 artist now, i can say that kind of stuff
so shut up. alright, send cash at your own risks, or yer 50 sure i will
never even get the letter. canadian postmen are REALLY reliable and honest,
arent they? the best is the postal money order or the personal check. alright
im outta here now, this has gotten too long see ya later mango..
- with love, eerie-man