mh C Programming: Leviathan
E Music: C.C.Catch
Graphics: Mascot, Metal Head
an iCE Production
This is Leviathan. If you are wondering about the name, We picked it
because I bit off FC for some of the effects Its my own code, I just
wanted to see if I could figure out the tube and the plasma. The intro
was written with both Turbo Assembler and Borland C. All code was written
100 from scratch, except for the sound routines. Id like to thank
Metal Head, if it wasnt for him, I wouldnt have written this intro. I had
left an earlier version of my vector routines, that were just wire-frame at
the time, on an account we share. He got all excited, called me up, and
bugged me till I fished -- he was a big help.
Also the fourth part of this intro, the light-source shaded vectors
have some weird shapes that tend to slow down. The reason for this is that
each one of the weird shapes if you are reading this before you run the intro,
trust me, youll know what i mean by weird shapes has 256 faces and around
380 points. That adds up to alot of calculations, and therefor there is a
slow-down. Sorry, but omputer have thier limitations.
If you need to reach, me, have any questions or comments you can e-mail
me at: mgottlie@welchlink.welch.jhu.edu. Or you can call my board :
The Infernal Diatribe which is down right now, but will be back up soon,
mabey a month or less, the number is in the iCE list I believe.
Greetings go out to From Leviathan :
Zenith - itll be back up! realy!
Metal Head - you like the pretty colors?
Tempus Thales - Thanks for showing me the Dennys
Dead Man X
Renegade Bithead, - I havnt been on IRC for awhile,
Iridium ZigZag because my acounts fucked up
Syntax Error
Ford Prefect
Sledge Hammer - Hey! Am I still in Celerity Utilities Division?
Dark Spyre - whats up
Mr. Cadabra
Greetings go out to From Metal Head :
Leviathan - youve gotta come back down to D.C. sometime.
Necros - Cool music man
Sand - people suck :
Seeya - iCE, kickin ass in 94!