99/11 Ice info file by iCE Senior staff
99/11 Ice info file by iCE Senior staff
S E P T E M B E R 1 9 9 9
1. As Kwanza, Ramadan, Christmas, and Ch-ch-ch-channuka fall upon us, the
iCE team would like take this opportunity to wish you all a happy holidays
filled with warm fires, presents, and ham. Its all about ham, isnt it?
2. eTantrum, Inc., co-founded by our very own Farmicus, has been gobbling
up iCE members and whisking them off to the corporate world. Rumor has it
that Lord Soth, Greater Evil, and Jamie McCarter have all joined the team
with Mr. Mister, bringing the total casualties to five. When will the
madness stop? Post-IPO, we hope.
3. Update: for those interested, the iCE Thought Police recently caught up
up to Steven Stahlberg, now working for Digital Anvil. Whats he been doing
recently, you may ask? You can see some of his handiwork in the intro
cinematic for Quake 3:Arena, recently released by id Software. Steven
designed the thugs, did the textures for Sarge, created all of the
explosions and muzzle flashes, and did some other animations, such as the
falling cigar at the end. Steven Stahlberg is officially awarded the Best
Swedish 3D Animator Working on Quake 3: Arena to come from Hong Kong to
Texas. The competition was fierce, but he ended up taking the prize.
4. Obviously this was a quiet month, but were still recovering from the
whole lemon fiasco. Dont worry, well be back in a big way to kick off
2000 which is NOT in the next century or millenium! Have a Merry
Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, a Super Kwankaa, or just an enjoyable winter
5. Although we want to make an impression, dont wait up through the power
outages, alien invasions, mass rioting, accidental FBI assassinations,
exponential function growth, buffer overflows, massive fungus growth, moist
socks, terrorist attacks, world-wide drunkenness, and also y2k glitches to
deliver you your pack at midnight on New Years Eve. Well, also nobody
volunteered to be sober enough to do it.
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion Lord Soth