99/09 Info File by iCE Senior Staff
99/09 Info File by iCE Senior Staff
S E P T E M B E R 1 9 9 9
1. When Server Moves Go Bad! See it this Thursday on Fox! No, thats not a
real show, but it is the real story behind this iCE Pack. After a planned
server move from New Jersey to Virginia last month, lemon.ice.org showed up
in pieces many of them. Since then, weve been working frantically to put
lemon back together and get our artists together to put a pack out. Were
just about ready to put the server back online, and we appreciate your
patience during our hardship.
2. Also lost in the server move was Ironghost. UPS claims he was never in the
box - but we think this is the work of a more sinister force. The FBI, CIA,
or maybe just some pimply-faced buffoons at the local Mail Boxes Etc? Well
find out when he turns up!
3. iCE Members are involved in some great projects these days. Hirez stud
Steven Stahlberg recently sold one of his 3D models for 7 figures. Yeah, thats
right, count out those 6 zeros. Farmicus recently started a new Internet
venture and has already received funding. Syntax Error founded the first ever
ever Gay Pediatrics division in Floridas South Beach area and lots of iCE folk
are taking new jobs, going to college, and making something of themselves.
4. Inner Vision turns 9 this month. Chicken wings and watermelon will be served
to all. Or, if you want to do something useful, try downloading some of Mix
Master IVs music at http://www.ice.org/iv. You can also wish him a happy birthday on iCE on EFNet.
5. The Knight makes a comeback this month with his first submission in quite
some time. He noted that Ultima Online had, brought me to my lowest point
I had sold my car, my house, even my virginity, but I kept my computer plugged
into an outlet behind the butcher shop downtown. Nothing would stop me from my
UO. If you have similar problems, please call 1-800-URS-OLME.
6. Planet Hollywood is closing 9 of its 32 nation-wide restaurants on its way
towards Chapter 11 bankruptcy. In response, iCE is leveraging its stock
and purchase these locations to open up a new chain of restaurants that include
upstairs brothels. Pimpmaster Slothy will be the COO of the new venture which
is expected to be especially popular in Utah.
7. Thanks go out to Farmy for lots of hard work in putting lemon back together,
and no thanks to Mr. Mister who is at the same location but apparently has done
done nothing but clean his toejam. Darkmage will be sending gifts and love to
all in the form of free beer tickets to your local pubs.
8. Dont forget - because were not slackers, iCE will be releasing an on-time
November pack full of eye candy and other delicious treats like whatever
Mr. Mister has left over. Until then, keep it chilled.
-Mass As Fascist As Ever Delusion
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion Lord Soth