A P R I L 1 9 9 9
1. With the coming of May and all of the free love politics that typically
ensues, we dedicate this pack to fourteen foofoos falling.
2. In the Fortress of Solitude coincidentally abbreviated by FOS this month,
the extra time police suggested we try out our cryogenic equipment as a routine
test. By mistake, we unfroze Chromatik, Gorechild and Misfit. Not by mistake,
they were forced into the iCE mines and out popped a few pieces of the past.
Witness new CK, GC and MT work this month in iCE ANSI.
3. We also want to welcome aboard Kirk from Belgium to the iCE hirez team. A
friend of Necrofiliacs, you can expect excellent high-resolution pieces with
that Euro touch that weve come to know and love.
4. In recent efforts to raise capital for the iCE Global Domination Fund, the
head brainiacs at the corporate headquarters decided to send Count Zero and
Winter to dig up dead bodies at the local graveyard and rob them for their
jewelry. Well, after they dug up Jerry Sandefur, he started walking around and
chewing on Winters arm. Were letting him release his amazing high-rez with
us in exchange for not cannibalizing the entire team. Thanks Jerry!
5. Ex-Senior Staffer Sinned Soul was found practicing the mastery of knee-pit
action on himself this month. He stood up promptly, and declared that iCEs
much anticipated new website would go live on June 1st!
6. Prizm was considered less than a man this month as we reduced his quota to
just 15kb. Prizm declared war on Serbia in exchange for this act of hostility
and the Red Cross is now holding us personally responsible.
7. In what media analysts are calling an unbelievable string of legitimate
news in the April 1999 Info file, iCE stuns again by announcing that iDraw 1.0
will be released this month. To the average Tetanus or Trip, iDraw becomes a
powerful weapon, allowing them to avenge any injustices in the scene. Learn to
be a warrior like them, get iDraw 1.0 and just draw! If you think an iCE
sponsored drawing is keen, wait until we wow you with tutorial plug-ins and
iCE members recreated in ANSI doing the macerena!
8. So excited he could hardly help but pee himself, Jamie McCarter released
another quicktime animation this month featuring the sultry Miss Piggy. When
asked for a sound byte, Jamie said, Its grr-r-r-r-eat! Something more
original can be found in the last disk of the iCE Pack this month, replacing
our previous policy of releasing iCE-SPCX.ZIP.
9. The iCE Mathematics team based at University of Waterloo recently revealed
its findings on the elementary numbers. Count Zer0, in a press release today,
announced that 9 is the last single digit number before 10. Unfortunately,
that left us with only two options for releasing iCE-SPCX.ZIP this month: name
it iCE-SPC.ZIP, or repeat one of the previous special release filenames.
Fortunately, a global summit was called and we all agreed to name it just like
the regular pack but with a new letter. Then we all went for iCE cream, that
was a sticky situation!
10. Turkey trots, hashing runs, three-legged sack races and anything that the
guy from might come up with can be discussed with us at
-Mass iCE, iCE, iCE, too cold! Delusion // iCE Senior Staff
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion Lord Soth