Logo Stack (08/98) by Count Zero
Logo Stack (08/98) by Count Zero
Greetings, fellow ansi enthusiasts. Its been awh
ile... 3 months since I had
anything in an iCE pak, and slightly longer since I ac
tually *produced* any
ansi. But Im back, andIve got a brand new style. Any
way, the usual deal
is back in effect... if you want a *free* kickass c0 l
ogo, e-mail
mikeshea@hotmail.com, and Ill do ya one. If you want
a pic, e-mail the
same address, and well negotiate a price. And now, ch
eck out this logo
- hallucigenia art collective ------------------
- CjP -----------------------------------------
- insitol -------------------------------------
- digital abyss ------------------------------------
- signwave -----------------------------------------
- squidgalator2s ooze --------------
- aurora -------------------------------------------
- mist ---------------------------------------------
- the black hole cafe -------------------------
-useless section -----------------------------------
greets go out to everybody in iCE, but particularly sq
2 and inazone.
greets also go out to Cthulu, Quip, and Hank the Angry
Drunken Dwarf.
Ill have more pics next pak, I promise.