fistful of steel #9 by spirit of rage + sq2
fistful of steel #9 by spirit of rage + sq2
i 2 q
- f i s t f u l o f s t e e l 9 -
ansi made by spirit of rage + sq2, for zenith summer 98
---end of ansi: 501 lines-----------------------------------------------------
ansi pic made by spirit of ragezenith
zenith ice fonts, outlines/shading around the fonts made by sq2ice
fistful of steel font made by sq2ice
final touchs ups and fixing by spirit of ragezenith
Werds from sor:
Phear the lethal combination of sor and sq2 is back!! Theres no stopping us!
wOp.. this was the hardest ansi Ive ever drawn. The outlines and shading was
way harder than my last big pic sor-fuel.ans. Some parts was so hard to make
that I had to trash them and make my own version of em, like the skull on the
belt... its original since it looked like shit when I tried to draw it from the
comic. Some other parts is also original.. u figure it out.
BIG thanks to sq2 for hes kick ass fonts THANKS man I love you!
Greets goes to zenith, legion, plf, avenge and everybody else Ive gotten
the pleasure to know on irc... hehe.. phear.. I did a greet and I didnt miss
one single dude I know and it was only 2 lines long
Mr4tune was suppose to do the fos font but since Im going away to mallorca
soon and mr4tune is a little unactive and hes email was broke. So I had to let
sq2 do the fonting on it, if it was going to be released in this pack.
Sorry mr4tune.. well make some joints in the next pack instead right?!
PS. This pic took me about one and a half week to draw and I drew in average
4 hours a day everyday during that time so all in in all it took me about 48+
hours, phear! DS.
Werds from sq2: Greets to cryogenic, rzarector, uvelocity, rippa, blue apache