Remedy '98 by Mongi
Remedy '98 by Mongi
the first ansi semi-pic from mongi in a long time...
a t
p a r t y
greets to
tiny3d --
Echo Off Crew
Mindblowing GFX -- mongi
Winner Mindseye
of Zimpson Lazy,
Remedy98 Fuse sleepy
raytracing Quasar poor bastard. compo!
Remedy Staff and
everyone at Remedy
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Me and Tiny3d attended at the demo-party Remedy 98, Stockholm, Sweden!
Tiny3d won the raytracing compo! I was going to enter the graphics compo,
but I fell asleep just before the deadline I am sure I would have come
first or second, because the winning pics were about as good as my pics P
We had a great time anyway! //mongi