L e T H a L V e n G e a n C e ! - !!
--- ops : Mardukk, Creator, Inner Vision
ansi c Inner Vision 1998. Ice Productions, All Rights Reserved. iv - 98
cut here------------
Hey! Im back! : Yep, after a nice long rest, I guess its finally time to
resume placing col0ry bl0x on an 80x25 canvas. Its still kinda fun. This ansiis for my good friends Creat0r and Mardukk, loyal fans and great people. Im
in iCe to stay, to help revive. Legion who??! just kidding, the guys at legion
are awesome, very respectable scene artists. I wish them all the luck in the
world, cause theyll need it
- Inner Vision / iCE 1998 -
Greetz: Azrael: hows the navy? Maestro: Youre too good for your own good :
ice: lets get to drawerin. Slothy: v2, nuff said. Kosmic: hey im still
tracking. Inazone/Cu/Jae/Countzer0/sq2: couldnt do it without you guys!
the rest of the world: Watch out cause iCe is live in 98!!!