F E B R U A R Y 1 9 9 8
1. Greetings and salutations from the hippest roadie crew on this side of the
60s -- iCE! We trust that your Valentines day was sweet and fulfilling, and
for those whose wasnt, we trust that your Presidents day weekend was filled
with fun, excitement, and new-car commercials.
2. iCE Middle East ambassador Barchip Swizcheez released a statement today
regarding the evil empire known as iCE: We are fighting the war of God. iCE
is an evil tyrannical empire! They use the golden pixel! How dare they! I
call for a Jihad! iCE therefore recommends that all artists in the region
evacuate immediately.
2a. Contrary to popular belief, Cold and Ugly is not Saddam Hussein.
3. Human Resources Director Stinkbert reports that nobody was allowed to enter
the palace gates and join the commune this month. However, Stinkbert expunged
the news that new iCE hires artist Mli joined January 1998 has officially
changed her handle to Tear. Her first works appear in this edition of the
iCEPACK. Stinky also released a burst of news, announcing that Pnakotic has
been reactivated this month! Stinkbert also thought it was a gas that Lord Soth
said he stinks at his job.
4. The second monthly Artist of the Monthtm award this month goes to........
drumroll please......... Tim Wallace! Tim burst into the iCE scene with some
really amazing artwork. Not only is his work high quality, but hes managed to
release 9 images in 1998 already, an astounding 4.5 images/month average. As
a newer artist in iCE, its great to see such dedication to quality. Congrats,
Tim! Keep up the great work!
5. The iCE Olympic Team came back from Nagano 98 with a box of sushi, some
chopsticks, a bunch of ginger sauce, and some ginko extract. Unfortunately,
nobody medaled in any event. The iCE Hockey Team, coached by Rainmaker and
trained by Syntax Error, lost all of its games in the preliminary round to
France. In fact, the only sport where iCE came close was Alpine Skiing, where
Jae finished fourth after accidentally falling down the slope trying to tie
his shoes. While he wasnt officially entered in the event, judges were very
impressed with his unorthodox style and allowed his time to be official.
6. Nobody was able to override engineering, repair a plasma conduit, replicate
a phase transducer, stabilize the warp core, re-route power from secondary
systems, join an away team, disobey orders, fire at will, assimilate cultures,
enter a liquid dimension, make it so, have carnal relations with Seven of Nine,
or leave the group this month.
7. Information Systems director Turdo started his new position this month with
a press conference. Many people in the media felt, however, that he was full
of sh!@. Either way, he reports that the reason the web site has not been
updated for recent packs is that the new web site is almost ready. But the
real reason has to do with a glass smoking device at Aneurysms place and a pair
of excessively large juggs at Devastators. Turdo hopes that this problem
will be, uh, rectified soon...
8. Another awesome month. The entire team put out another great effort to
lead the art world into the spring. But the iCE wont melt, and well see you
next month. Same bat time, same bat pack.
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion