greetz go out to :
my old TWiSTEd crew - said Id be back, didnt I?
putrid carqass - you r0ck. email me.
balistix - whazup?
newander - go go ascii boy.
gus - what ever happened to code garden?
the sTm bbs crowd - I made it, dudez. my new iCE crew - Im like, so emotional ... sniff ... this is the
happiest day of ... sniff ... my life. tears of joy forthcoming.
if ya wanna purchase some c0 ansi, drop me a line at
insert name here ... well see what we can work out.
disclaimer: if you cant read it, thats your own problem.
c0 and co. will not be held responsible for any personal
injury resulting from you ripping off this or any other
c0 ansi. keep upright after opening. may contain nuts.
no left turn between 4 and 7 pm. best before 12/27/78.
dont panic. warning! biohazard! DO NOT EAT.