N O V E M B E R 1 9 9 7
1. The group that is so close its almost a cult came together this month and
decided to release some more curiously enticing artwork for all to see! Anyhow
just check it out you wont be disappointed!
2. The iCE Star Wars program picked off an oldskool ANSI artist and brought
him back to iCE headquarters for questioning. Well reveal his identity after
we are throught with... interrogation!
3. The director of internal gastrointestional curiosities reports this month
that one member tunneled their way out the back door of iCE, so to speak. Our
beloved Kitiara is departing this month to pursue other opportunities and we
wish her well in whatever she chooses to do, and hope one day shell return
4. Information Systems director Lickbert decided to take the month off and
visit his homeland of Tahiti this month, therefore there is no decent news to
report. However, Farmicus was seen stealing the Microsoft sign in Redmond, WA
and using it as a makeshift port-a-john on his winter west coast roadtrip. Go
Farmy! Literally.
5. This space intentionally left blank.
6. iCE useless member and resident Canadian patriot Rainmaker was abducted
this month on the 27th, and taken to a hideaway by Devastator and Farmicus.
When Rainmaker was awakened, he found himself at an ornately set table. Hey!
Im not going to participate in this f*!in evil American holiday! Thanksgiving
Schmanksgiving, everyone knows its in OCTOBER anyway! yelled a now-agitated
Rainmaker. Shut up, tool! spat Farmy, eagerly stabbing his fork into a slice
of cranberry sauce. Hey Dev, whip out the turkey! he yelled. Unfortunately,
the day got worse when Dev, unable to hear well over the clamor in the kitchen,
came running into the dining area, ripped off his pants to reveal his, well, uh
un-surgically-altered private part. Farmy dropped his spooooooooon! and he AND
Rainmaker together screamed, THAT IS NOT A F***ING TURKEY! Hmmm. Oh well,
Happy Thanksgiving anyway, eh?
7. It has come to our attention that several middle Americans have stated that
they identify more with daytime talk TV than with their leaders in government,
and leaders of business. We figure that when youre a deeply religious type
who decides to use science-derived fertility drugs to have seven children and
claim that God gave you the gift, you really dont deserve an opinion on any
matter that ranks higher in importance than your breakfast menu decision.
8. Please direct all discussion regarding the above political statement to
9. We must apologize for the relative late release of the pack this month. It
was not planned but was due to some technical difficulties experienced by the
person who was going to zip it all up this month. Hes been beaten repeatedly
and dipped in a vat of eggnog, then dipped in a barrel of gunpowder. Were
still trying to decide whether to drop him onto a cement floor or not, though!
10. Another fine month, which once again includes ground-breaking formats not
often seen in art packs. We hope you enjoyed it. Stay tuned to the iCEPACK
for some iCE cold work this winter!
Cold and Ugly Force Ten Mass Delusion