Clockwork London by multi artists
Clockwork London by multi artists
ice -- twilight -- mistigris -- Production
logo by
quip mist
Along the spreading fog banks
down beside the River Thames
stands a model of precision kit
no one questions or comdemns.
Amid the gargoyles grimaces
its face shines in the night
Precise reliability
among a pit of sprite.
Undaunted by reality
not marred by trivial need.
Relentless in its purpose-
never sows a barren seed.
A beacon of eternity
Stalwart against the dark
In accuracy paragon-
its always on the mark.
The cycles of the city
match this undisputed rhythem.
Its movements puch the hands extremes
but never come to schism.
It counts a beat unstoppable
its cant cant be undone.
The tattoo is the pulse of life,
from the heard of Clockwork London.
by Cthulu ldyblu
Ansi by
KitiaraiCE and
Stone the Crow twilight you figure out
who did what
c l o c k w o r k l o n d o n
+o Seraphim