the following is a joint. it is only a joint.
misfitiCE: outlines, logos, a little shading, many dumb looks
filthCiA: pickle shading, strip teasing
tripiCE: background, shading touchups, text rigam0rol3, assbackwardness
pickle-man looks like he ate a ContiseptriMelt from Taco Bell people who work at TB are known to skank i
n the food. tre gross
this ansi has racing
stripes, fast fast
but not like the racing
stripes on misfits underwear
is that looks
leak- REALLY painful
hey kids .. your old b uddy misfit here with another little project t hat
requires you sending me money :. what is it? bombshell. its a paper zinethat ive started wi th some friends thats right, paper. friends. real life!whoa nellie. whats in it? theres music reviews punk, oi!, ska, hardcore, other stuff in that vein, zine reviews, essays fiction some done by some of the best ezine w riters in the scene, art comics by yours truly, amongothers, band interviews, some porn not really :, and more ..
the first issue is out and done, and were working hard on 2 due out the firstof april. 1 is virtually sold out we printed up just 50 copies, and ive onlygot ten or fifteen left, heres a rundown of whats in that issue ..
perverted music reviews by andy
zany stuff by m0gel yeah, that dto guy
quirky junk by creed y0lk boy
an interview with hate potion cool punk/oi! band
writings no one gets except their author, willow
dorky little cartoons by me
more neat stuff thats just too k-rad to list
issue two will have more of the same, along with an interview with 5-iron frenzyska band and hopefully some others. also, it should have the first chapter of
a comic im doing, dung. and another little perk, 20 or so copies of every
issue come with a hip little bombshell fanzine patch to pin on your backpack
or whatever go nuts. learn what it means to be cool.
and the best part? each issue is only 1. a buck!@ w00haw.
if youd like to order a copy of 1, or pre-order 2, send the money along witha stamp for each issue to ..
james b.
14 palm lane
lebanon, pa
also, obviously, we rely on submissions, so if you feel compelled to do some-thing stories, art, essays, scene reports, whatever, send it to the address
above. if you want, send it on a disk ibm format or write it out clearly. ad space is free, so if you have something you want to advertise band, zine,
phone sex, whatever put together an ad no bigger than 8 x 5 .. make sure
its legible, or it wont copy well. like i said, its free, but it wouldnt
kill you to throw in some dough :. i also have a classified section, so if
you want a spot, 40 words or less, por favor. finally, if youre in a band
or friends with one for that matter send in demo for review, on any format
cd, cass., 7, lp, etc ..
well thats about it .. hope to hear from you. write to me, im bored. - mt
ice 97