da' goop by toon goon
da' goop by toon goon
tgice ice96
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welcome to my last ever ansi. yay!well i guess its my last. i certainly dont plan on doing anymore.i dont really think this
is my best ansi ever but its definately the buiggst.so this is a good way to emd. this ansi was a pain in the ass to do. its been sitting here for months now. all i can say is wooooooooooooooooooooooo!! im done!!! : if you want an ansi my prices just went through the fucking roof. unless youre gonna pay me like a few hundred, dont ask for one : a few greets to everyone in ice who fucking stayed in ice. and a big fuck you goes to LI, liquid something who ripped me off for a 33.6k modem. he also got iv and dieznyik. rot in hell asshole. im gonna be coming for you. wooooo im done! finished!@
dont call lis board the
mr: sorry it took so long
on this ansi .. its still not as good
as i wanted it to be... :
a quick note. this ansi was originally 600 lines. there was some fuckup or
whatever saving it and part of it messed up at the bottom. so i cut around 100
lines off instead of redrawing it.
dAGoop - sysops: magnetic rageseptic/fsw nuclear postmanfsw taintedfsw
technifixsoap - software: obv2 : 519-653-8961 - 33.6k
-- -tgiCE------------------------------------------------ This ansi completed in the contact me at the
summer of 1996. xx/xx/96 following addresses :
If you want an ansi similar
to this one, contact me world wide web
and be willing to pay 30+. http://www.ice.org/jae
Taken from the back cover email
tg! of Pitt 4. I hear it is jae@flash.net
also the cover to Prophet o r
4a by S. Platt. jae@ice.org
--- ------------------------------------------------tgiCE-
you know on my board.. people say youre the best toonster in the world