1. Okay, Mr. Soth manning the frozen keyboard for
yet another exciting month! . This month was barely less
chaotic than last month... Although Im happy to say that the art hasnt
suffered because of it... I want to give all the iCE guys a big warm fuzzy
thats a good touch, not a bad touch, for their hard work this month....
2. This month saw an event which rarely occurs in iCE. A Senior Staffer parted
the group this month to join Legend. We want to extend our gratitude to
Aphex Twin, aka Aphid Twix aka Ellis Dee , for everything hes done for
the group in the past and hope he will continue his success wherever the
winds may take him.
Also packing their bags and hitching rides to other pastures were Spirit of
Illusion, who left for Disco, and Master Ken, who joined Aphex in
3. We had a little influx of new members this month. First off, our ansi
section welcomes back Animal, who returns from ACiD. This month also saw
the addition of Elysius and Mr. Mephistoples. Both are bursting with
talent and we over here in the crowded iCE Phonebooth are sure youll be
seeing alot of them in the future. We also gained a rip section, with Tek
and Death Adder joining, both of which are masters of the PhaT EGA standard
that everyone loves. The VGA Section was also graced with Rogue Leader,
who is worth his weight not only in gold, but also platinum, copper, beads,
cows, war bonds, plutonium, duckets, fillywhips, semolians, chips,
clams, rocks, bones, skins, smackers, and many other forms of payment.
If you are able to think of other terms for remuneration, contact Lord
Soth or Friar Tuck about becoming part of the iCE Currency Exchange. iCE
4. The Musicians have just been totally rocking the world lately... Basehead
and Necros are now working for the game company Origin. Well keep you
notified when any new Origin games come out that include iCE Musicians
Also a new game called Xixit has come out with music by Necros and C.C.
Catch. It is a game like Columns and is coded by coding-genius Tran.
The game is simple and addictive : It is available from Optik Software,
and there is a shareware version available.
The Results from Music Contest 3 have come in... and heres the standings:
Necros - 2nd Place
Nemesis - 3rd Place
Future Assassin - 12th Place
We would also like to congratulate Psibelius of ACiD for placing 32nd, and
Lord Pegasus of ACiD for placing 43rd. Approximately 120 people entered
and the top songs are being put on CD, and the remaining space on the disc
will be filled with demos and musicdisks and such. Its called the Freedom
CD and includes graphics by Tonedef and Xten of iCE. It will cost 8 for
US/Canada, and 10 Airmail elsewhere in the world, and will be released in
Mid-September. Email for info on this CD.
Also Necros has just released an amazing musicdisk called Progression.
This musicdisk is easily one of the 10-best ever made, especially since all
the gfx were done by Xten, also an iCEY. This is not to be missed.
ftp /pub/demos/songs/necros/
5. We want to congratulate Mascot for his success at the British Columbia Film
and Video Festival. He walked out with Best Independant Production and
Best Graduate Computer Media for two 5-minute animations he made. The
MS-BELL picture is a frame from one of his animations. Now that hes
finished with all that, hes ready to come back full speed for iCE. :
Congrats, Mascot!
6. Internet Update. The guys at have reorganized their sites and our
new FTP site is /ice. Theyre not quite finished renovating
and so we havent been able to upload the missing packs there yet, but have
just a little fear that we will straighten out the situation.
7. Hi Paul. Hi Jonn. High Ben.
8. There was some confusion last month, and Spirit of Illusion was accused of
ripping an ansi by Grimace. Not to my knowledge, the ansi by Grimace was
going to be a joint ansi with SOI, so we released it on its own. SOI
released his part of the joint ansi along with only the blood header from
Grimaces and didnt give Grimace the credit for it. So let the record show
that SOI really wasnt trying to rip Grimaces ansi, it was only a because
of a misunderstanding that they werent released as one big ansi. Case
dismissed and Court Adjourned. Take that to the back room with Marcia, Ito.
We would like to apologize to Deeply Disturbed, Grimace, and Kamikazee, for
the hideous mislabeling of their joint ansi last month. I really have to
stop writing things in ansis at 3am. The correct information is that
Grimace drew the pic entirely on his own, Deeply Disturbed drew the font,
and Kamikazee colored in the font. Sorry guys!
9. St. Blazer is now only to be called Blazer, by decree of the King. Also,
Gaijin is back to just good ol Hfaze. Friar Tuck is no longer to be
referred to as Pinto, nor is Force Tens rodent Nibbles to be called
a rodent. Oops, i guess. And Tek is still just plain Tek. Lord Soth has
also requested that the king change Force Tens handle to Alt-255, for
no particular reason whatsoever.
9a. Friar Tuck was NEVER referred to as Pinto, in a late-breaking piece of
10. This infofile was created by the iCEtm Random Gibberish Generator,
v0.33, coded by Itchy, Syntax Error and Tempus Thales. Theyve been
hiding their coding talents from us in the Miami ghettos. Right now,
theyre getting rained on.
disclaimer: it was a joke. dont bug us about the currency exchange. -FT
i C E A d v e r t i s e m e n t s
Lord Soth Friar Tuck