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1. Hello, were back to Lord Soths turn at writing this... so Im supplying
this 0-day pack from the depths of the dank iCEtm office building. Okay,
first off I want to apologize to a few people over some STUPID mistakes I
made in last months pack. Apologies to in no order: SleepWalker, Tempus
Thales, Force Ten, Cooly, Grimace, Veks, Friar, Spiff, and Azagoth. I also
want to apologize to everyone out there for my blatent mistakes in the last
pack. But onto this month. Despite finals, AP Tests, and post-graduation
partying, weve got a nice collection of artwork this month. The coders
also hit their compilers to put together 3 nice loaders on the side of their
more major projects.
2. We have a whole boatload of new artists again this month. But first,
Biscuit and Masterken have been moved back to the Active list, and
BodyCount has changed his handle to Highness. Force Ten has also started to
help us again in group administration, and he will be a big help to iCE once
again. Our new members include Shockwave, an old-scene VGA artist who is
returning to iCE after a long stay with ACiD. Also from ACiD comes CETiS,
who left the scene in June 1994 and has returned a year later with iCE.
Musicphreak has also joined the group after parting with ACiD. Joining iCE
from Union comes the ansi artists Image, Juice, and 28, who are all
excellent masters of the blinking cursor . It doesnt seem possible,
but our long time friend, Ed.. otherwise known as Terminator 2, has graced
us with his presence after giving Unchained a shot. We also want to welcome
Mahbell, a very talented new ansi artist, and also Delsion, a demoscene
graphician from Finland who previously did some of the graphics for
Epidemic. Finally, but not to be discredited, the coder Greater Evil comes
from Relic bearing gifts, namely RIP code in C that has been implemented in
iCEView this month.
2.We had 3 departures this month. Nttk, aka Culture Shock, has left iCE and
joined ACiD. Quazar decided he didnt have time to make the comback he
started, and Grateful Dead has left and joined Vintage. We wish them all
3. Congratulations to Borian, who is now a daddy to a happy, healthy, baby boy.
Lets hope Borian Jr gets some of dads talent : Also, happy 18th Birthday
4. The Number to out WHQ, Sanctuary, is now 305-KNOW-iCE. Tempus has moved once
again :. But, guess what.. hes still a big fag.
5. Toon Goons System 1 ansi is not being re-released. He did not mean for it
to be released last month, although through miscommunication I put it in.
The ansi in last months pack was not finished, and the version in this pack
has alot of changes in it. My apologies to TG again.
6. As always, you can buy VGA, Rip, Ansis, or full graphics/music presentations
by contacting us at ice@freedom.wit.com or slothy@netcom.com by the way,
ansis do not really cost 100-200, that was an April Fools joke :
7. The following files are viewable in the viewer although they have been
stripped of 65,534/65,535ths of their colors to further enhance your viewing
8. Hi Ellis Dee.
9. Rick, dood, are you like.. an ansi recruiter? You are? Then welcome to iCE
dood! :D
0. For an up-to-date of how well iCE is coming along in the ansi scene, please
refer to the well written and all-together accurate article by Stone The
Crow aptly entitled iCE SUX. We feel it captures the spirit of our group
to a tee..
Have fun viewing!
- Lord Soth Senior Staff
1-800-340-MAIL Box: 4,000,001
Aphex Twin Cheese Grater Lord Soth