04/95 iCE Info by iCE Staff
04/95 iCE Info by iCE Staff
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1. Welcome to the April iCE Pack! This is
Cheese Grater here writing to you for the
first time. This month we the Senior Staff were
joined again by Aphex Twin, now returned for
the summer from college.
2. Weve had an influx of new members this month and what a great lot they are.
Asphixia and Grateful Dead have joined us from ACiD, also Chromatik and
and last but not least the two brothers Grimace and Turtle. To the VGA
Department we received Azagoth, Falic, and Jamie McCarter. Also, Airborn is
a new Member, and our Web Master, White Knight, finally got listed this
month. Gratz to you all!!
3. The iCE World Wide Web Home Page is now fully operational! It is still
being improved each day, but you can now enjoy all the art and graphics
from iCE. From the iCE Home Page, you can also access other members pages
as well. ANSIs from the most current iCEPack are also viewable as well as
the VGA. HTTP to http://www.wit.com/ice
4. With the new release of iCEView 0.64, it now supports some new features,
such as multiple file-tagging and viewing. But most importantly, iCEView
now supports external viewers. This can be set up in the ICEVIEW.CNF file,
and allows you to do such things as add in ability to play *.S3M and *.MOD
with DMP, *.JPG with Qpeg the recommended JPeg viewer*, etc. This opens
the possibility of setting it up to even run Word Perfect on *.WPD, etc.
iCEView does not perform a CRC Check on the external viewers.
* Qpeg is available at ftp.wustl.edu /pub/msdosuploads/graphics
5. This month we have configured iCEView to run a seperate viewer, PView, on
all pictures not viewed internally in iCEView. This is in no way the best
viewer out there, although it is very small and views an ungodly amount of
formats. But we must warn you that it can very somewhat unstable, such as
when under DesqView. But this month iCEView now has the ability to view:
Although, with the external viewer support, iCEView can display, play, run,
hide, eat, and create an unlimited amount of formats :
6. This month sees the second special release. We are releasing some of our
winning releases at NAID. In the music competition, the top 4 winners were:
*1st - Necros LD/PM/FM/iCE - Ascent of the Cloud Eagle
2nd - Maelcum KFMF - HitchHiking
*3rd - Basehead KFMF/FM/iCE - Cant Fake the Funk
4th - Mosiac Ren/iCE - Tears
Also, taking 4th in the public choice awards for the Intro Competition,
Friar Tuck iCE and DareDevil Ren created in an afternoon Pisstro!
The special release this month contains Pisstro, and the above songs
marked with an asterisk, along with Inertia Player to play the songs.
Have fun viewing!
- Cheese Grater iCE SS
Aphex Twin Cheese Grater Lord Soth