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1. All iCE members are required to have an account on Sanctuarytm.
The *NEW* number is 776.7262. Furthermore, it will
soon become policy for the artist to maintain the responsiblity
for getting his artwork to the board if he/she wants it included
within the pack. A shuttle menu will be added to facilitate the
artwork transfer and to reduce the cost for the artists.
2. Special thanks go out to Soul Rebel for agonizing over the assembly
of this months pack. His dedication is appreciated. Also, thanks
to Deeply Disturbed and Sexual Chocolate for their assistance.
3. Wed like to extend our sincere apologies to both Stone the Crow
and Thor for the unfortunate exclusion of their work from last
months pack. However, some of the previously omitted work is
featured in this months pack.
4. New to our ANSI division this month are Spirit of Illusion, Lithium,
Psyberman, Vanquish, Red Leader, and Animal. These artists should
prove to be an invaluable addition to the already exceptional team of
iCE ANSI artists. VGA-wise, please welcome Cheese Grater, ImageSex,
and Ink, who designed the interface for Epidemic.
4.5 Wed also like to make mention of the VGAs done by two of Finlands
best, Pixel and Skaven. They really wanted to see what people thought
of their VGA work, so well continue to provide our friends at FC
the arena in which they can show off their talents.
5. Our new coding coordinator, Friar, has been hard at work, and his
much anticipated PowerGrid loader, complete with Assembly source
code, is included in this months pack. Another completed
project is Captain Crunchs work on Corruption 4. New coding
recruits include Nightfire and the return of Poskgubbe.
6. On the Internet front, iCE has established a private mailing list
to facilitate communication between members. Members who are
interested in subscribing to the mailing list may contact A big thanks goes out to Egghead for his
hard work in maintaining the list.
7. Thor has informed us that he will no longer be able to
participate in iCE. He received an unexpected phone bill in
excess of 1000 dollars and has decided to sell his computer to
accommodate this debt. We wish him luck, and hope he will be
able to rejoin us soon.
8. iCE is losing a valuable senior staff member--one we will not
easily be able to replace. Aphex Twin has recently left for
college, and though we are sorry to see him go, we wish him luck!
We look forward to his continued tradition of fine ansi art, and we
will hopefully be able to bring you some of his new work in the months
to come.
9. There are a few items unable to be viewed within our MultiView
program.. those include the RIPS by MasterKen and Lord Soth, the
PowerGrid Loader/Source by Friar Tuck, and the two .BIN files.
Also, make sure to look at the three wonderful .JPGs by ImageSex
and Mascot.
10. Happy Birthday Spirit of Illusion!!! Everyone do him an ansi or
something. :
11. Crewel Blade, where are you? Join the party buddy! :
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