F E B R U A R Y 2 0 0 0
1. Just as love was in the air for each other this month for Valentines
day, love was also in the air for high-resolution digital art among the
members of iCE. A bittersweet collection of some of the best art you can
find in a single location has been handed down by the collective and
packaged into neat little shrinkwrapped droplets of joy.
2. Did we hire a dot-com ad agency? Where did that crap come from??
3. We would love to welcome Darkhalo to iCE! As youll undoubtedly see, his
artwork is truly amazing! Aside from when we walked in on him and the plum
pie well I thought that if warm apple pie feels like that, I prefer the back
entrance, so logically... , hes really pretty normal. Assuming you ignore
the piercings, of course, but then again, we normally look above the waist, so
its not a problem.
4. This month saw contact from some older iCE friends. Indonesian member
Wix was found lounging in San Francisco working for Macromedia as a
designer and the relocation of Darkmage from Pennsylvania also to the
rice-a-roni town. Simultaneously Mass Delusion also relocated to Alcatraz
to develop a new initiation center for incoming iCEicles.
5. Sinned Soul and Hitman were moved into iCE Alumni this month.
6. iCE Alumni datastores were completely wiped out this month.
7. iCE Alumni was restored from a backup tape from last month, but any recent
changes were unfortunately lost. Too bad.
8. Mass Delusion was quoted this month as saying derogatory remarks about
those damned stinking lamers. We wish to distance ourselves from that
statement, and repeat our standard policy in iCE. Angry rants from the Senior
Staff in no way represent the feelings of iCE, since a group is really a
collection of people and doesnt have feelings. We apologize to the damned
stinking lamers and hope that they all forgive us, their superiors, for our
mistaken remarks.
9. Lord Soth would like to make a public service announcement that
genital warts are BAD. Always use protection and before you dive, make sure
you smell the water first, got it?
-Mass Dont put that there Delusion and Lord Summer camp doesnt count Soth
Mass Delusion Lord Soth