I kept everything simple with this piece, and just
focused on the animation. Most of the textures
were drawn by myself and my friend, Alison
Wolanski, using pastels. The only two textures not
drawn exclusively with pastels were the nose of
the snowmom, and the road. For the snowmoms nose
I just smacked a carrot down onto the scanner
and... done. The road was another matter. Alison
and I drew with yellow and orange pastels on black
construction paper and used the fibrous texture of
the paper to give a sense of pavement. I also
blended in a photo of twigs for the edge of the
Another wonderful thing about doing this was that
the Snowpeople were just so happy well, all
except that one baby. It was fun to work with
them. My neighbour has also become quite attached
to these snowpeople. I had her in tears by the end
of the animation.
Ive contemplated doing a tutorial/making-of about
this animation, would people be interested in one?
What questions would people have that I could try
to answer?
Jamie McCarter