Rebel Ship
c 1995, Jamie McCarter
Rebel Ship is a simple animation of a space ship coming down to land at a
platform. The platform is safely hidden from evil eyes in a dense evergreen
forest. The only witness to this landing is the immense gas giant and the
array of stars shimmering in the far distance.
I created the majority of this animation using Autodesks 3D Studio. Just to
clarify, POV-Ray was still used in the making of this animation. Sorry, I just
can not create something without POV-Ray being used. Hrmm... In fact, most of
the cool looking things were POV-Ray rendered and then composited into the
final animation. The plasma jetting out of the space ships engines, the gas
giant, and the distant star field was done with POV-Ray.
I primarily used 3D Studio to create this animation as I found that many of the
large CG companies want people with 3DS experience. So I figured Id see what
all the commotion was about. Having now used 3DS, I can see why many companies
would choose to create their graphics and animations with it. Regardless of
this fact, I didnt like it enough to be converted. POV-Ray just has too much
Well, I hope you enjoy my animation. Any comments, criticisms or questions are
always welcome.
Jamie McCarter