1. Howdy everyone, this is Lord Soth here,
delivering your monthly . iCE Pack. Weve worked
hard all month for this one... Ill let the art speak for itself though.
As a quick note, I would like to thank all the iCE Artists, Coders,
Musicians, and Members for weathering all the scene bullshit that erupted
this month, for theyre the ones that make iCE what it is.
2. This month marked the loss of 5 great artists. First was Deeply Disturbed,
who left after we made our pack in time to release an ansi in last months
ACiD Pack, which was released shortly after ours. Second to split was 28,
who went back to Union, which has recently dissolved. . . Third was
Terminator 2, who left with Neurotic for Somms and Deeply Disturbeds new
group called Legend. Lastly, Hannibal Lecter quit the join some of his
closest friends over at Old Dirty Bastards group, Disco. Hannibal was our
residant jive-expert, as well as being the ONLY iCE Member to be a cousin
of the lead singer of Blues Traveller. Killean the Red also retired from
the scene this month, babbeling about a lack of time as he rode away on his
flying red sleigh. Well miss all these guys, and we wish then luck and
happiness wherever they may go!
We also did some late late Spring housecleaning. Removed this month for
inactivity were Dr. Tongue, Poskgubbe, The Wizard, and SleepWalker. We
honestly hope they will be back in the near future...
3. Joining us this month is Kamikazee, who has been in Tribe, ACiD, Unchained,
Vintage, and has finally stopped rolling here :. Hes been worth his
weight in gold this month, helping with some last minute fonts and such :.
Welcome to iCE, Kamikazee. Also joining us is Maestro. He ran the iCE-
hating Nation, and now we all are welling up with tears to see him joining
us. He too has helped us immeasurably already. Finally, we offer an
energetic Secret iCE Handshaketm to Icepick, a VERY talented coder whose
loader this month proves hes right up there with the rest of our coders.
3a.After getting a job at the local MARS candy factory next to Friar Tuck,
Aphex Twin has changed his handle to Aphid Twix. Mr. Tuck was reported as
saying The service at Waffle House cant be beat! The iCE psychoanalysis
division couldnt detect any correlation between the two events.
4. Big news in promotions this month. First off, we have to start this off on
a sad note. Cheese Grater has stepped down from Senior Staff to go back to
his origional position as VGA Artist. In an completely unrelated event,
Friar Tuck joins us as Senior Staffer. His coding and ansi skills, coupled
with his knack for coordination and his award-winning smile add up to a
great Senior Staffer. Also this month Borian was promoted to VGA
Coordinator. Bottoms up, guys. Heres to an even brighter future.
5. The Pantheon, iCE US Headquarters, is now available on the net. We have not
as of yet secured a domain name, although the IP address is
Just use that number string where you would normally put a domain name. The
Board is accessable via the Telnet, and depending on your Telnet client you
may or may not be able to send and recieve files as you normally would on a
BBS, or else you can FTP anonymously to that address. Were currently only
on a 14.4k connection, so we only allow 1 person on the board at a time,
although hopefully we will be able to improve this is the near future.
Please be patient while we remodel : Since The Pantheon no longer has a
dial-up line, we have switched our US Headquarters to The PowerGrid, run by
our longest-ever active member, Syntax Error.
6. Falic asked me to mention this in the NFO Files. The Stockton, California
Police have made their fellow Officers proud this month. After one of
Falics ex:friends was caught stealing a computer, they asked him for a
list of name of his friends who use computers. Yup, you guessed it, Falic
got pulled into all of this. A detective came and took Falics computer to
check to see the newly-purchased computer was stolen. When it was returned
to Falic just days before the end of this month, they had formatted the
Hard Drive, taking with it all his art for this month. That wasnt just an
excuse, either, all you super-cynical readers : Wed also like to salute
Falics friend Dave for getting arrested for kicking a Police horse in the
ass. What a country :
7. Quick Note: Were releasing 2 special ansis this month. Friar Tuck, our
newest Senior Staffer, did an outstanding ansi, as did St. Blazer. Yes,
they were definately born to be coders, not artists :
8. Jamie McCarter has the special release this month, with a rendered .FLI of
a space scene. Check it out, its worth the 950k download.
9. Syntax Error gave Friar Tuck a boot in the tail this month to document some
little-known iCEView features. These are things that people asked for, he
coded in, and subsequently forgot. See ICEVIEW.NEW for the updates. :P
10. A Happy 19th to Magnetic M!! wooooo-hoooooo!!!! yeeeeee-haw! from Syntax
Gratz, dude.
till Next Month,
- Lord Soth and Friar Tuck
greets to some old farts in the scene: Xerobe, Der Schatten and Soul Rebel.
Aphid Twix Friar Tuck Lord Soth