Psycho City by TooN GooN
Psycho City by TooN GooN
alot of blank space in this ansi. i can do alot of typing. but with
all the ansis ive done this month ive pretty much said everything i
wanna say. : maybe a cheap bbs plug? CALL MY BBS! Termite Terrace at214/288-3211. Its cool. Ive greeted pretty much everyone in
the scene in my other ansis.. so what do i talk about? btw,this ansi isnt finished right now as i type this. I
got bored so i started typing this. veks
likes the ansi but i think its sorta plain still. ifhe likes it, why argue with him? : its his ansi..
maybe some grass or weeds at the bottomor something. argh. i got a cool ansifrom napalm today for my bbs. its of
calvin. look for it in cias pack or call
my bbs. it has a directory for art made for
the bbs.. i have cash, stone the crow, me, deeply
disturbed, napalm, skitzo, messiah and stuff in there andsome more cool ansis on the way. whoo! this is cool.
today is thursday. saturday is the deadline for art for
the pack. i basically have everything done now.
im waiting on gman to give me a joint back
so we can release it. veks did the ice font for it. hmm. acid tried to
recruit me and stuff.. i was happy at first that i was finally getting
recognized by acid in the scene but
after i heard they also tried to
recruit argon, i got pissed. not
that it bothers me like, talent wiseone but argon is cool and acid is
quick trying to steal ourgreet to members to save
maestro who ive their dying ansi
never greeted section.. hmm. i would yet. hes a cool never join acid even
guy and i dont though i wouldnt tell
know why people radman that. im havinghave a problem with too much fun in ice.
him. i was pissed at im gonna cut this
his ragging ice when short what?! so i
nation was around can save room for
but he cant do that grass later.. :
now. :
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