Hoard Magazine by BodyCount
Hoard Magazine by BodyCount
i dont really miss god.but i sure miss santa claus
this ansi was redone as a favor for my brot
her tyran, into an ad for a
board called crucial taunt. so dont worr
y, the sysop didnt steal it
or anything. however, this piece will remain a hoard ad for the ice pack
this ansi contains sauruss face, pitts hand and ripclaws head. cloudin
greets to isosceles, pnakotic, aphex twin, alter e
go, black viper, tempus,
syntax error, lord soth, the rest of ice, wintermute, wyvern, warp
us, etc.
Welcome To H
oard Issue 1
ANSI By BodyCount iCE.
.. Aint Nuthin But An iC
E Thang, Baby!