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1. Whats up? Its Shaggy here writing up the
.NFO file for December. . Its been an interesting
month and a lot of people have gotten off their asses
and taken charge. This has resulted in a few major changes
in the group. Either way, enjoy the pack, released a bit closer to the
1st this month. :
2. First off, after an illustrious career as Senior Staff, Syntax Error has
stepped down due to the lack of time that school is now creating for him.
3. To replace Syntax Error, Lord Soth has been promoted to Senior Staff, and
Pnakotic has become a 3rd Senior Staff.
4. Also, Tempus has moved from President to join Syntax as an Advisor to the
Senior Staff and the rest of iCE. Consider them consultants. :
5. There are some other changes on the memberlist, most due to inactivity so
if you have reason to be concerned then go ahead and look at the member-
6. Appreciation goes out to all those who sent their work up to Snatch-uary
on and around the due date the 25th this month. When the pack is re-
leased on time this month, you can take credit for it. -TT
- Shaggy iCE Staff
Lord Soth Pnakotic Shaggy