Infinet Sucks!
Krux, Suspect, Ricker, Voltaic,
Stealthy, Tron, Soul Rebel, the rest
of iCE, Omega Redd, Cavalier, False God, and
Tempus: Thanks for your help with my art.
Sysop: Lefty CoS: Faust CDi, Sto
ne the Crow iCE
Warez, PWA affiliated, TSAN a
ffiliated, 24k Zoom
Running the latest version of
Renegade, 9OO+ megabytes
7 O 2
A NUP is required for access
There may be more, but I couldnt reach the sysop prior
to ansicompletion
a n s i b y S t o n e t h e C r
o w i C E oct 14, 1994