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1. Once again apologies for making all you ice
fanatics wait for your . monthly fix of pure art-
istic perfection.
2. The ICE/REN music disk Epidemic is out!, go grab a copy its the best
music disk ever to hit the scene.
3. Alterations to our Member listing this month include: The removal of
Animal, Spirit of Illusion Vanquish, and also proud to welcome
Firebyrd Smooz into our little love nest note: due to a mishap we
werent able to include firebyrds art into this months pack we apologize
to fb for the inconvenience.
3. Lord Soth slothy has stepped down from his Not so senior Senior staff
position, a lack of time has made him come to this decision.
4. There are a few pictures that cant be viewed with Multi-View this
month, they are Mascots JPG and slothys rip.
5. The iCN hub is Sanctuarytm, 3o5.PRO.SANC, 21:1305/1. If you are in
iCE, and a sysop of your own board, call there and apply to get the
network. The net has been condensed, and it is all private now.
6. We would like to point out once again, that all ICE members need to
upload there monthly pieces of art to the WHQ, Sanctuarytm, if you do
not do so, your art will be left out of the pack.
- Deepstah
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