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1. Welcome to the iCE Phunk Pack, the theme for this iCE pack is PHUNK!
Yep, I have tried to make the design of the pack as phunky as possible,
and I hope that you enjoy it because I had a hell of a time creating it
: and Id like to thank MCA for helping to make this the phunky little
production that it is. Now off to the news of the month.
2. We seem to have a new position that has been created in iCE, the long
dead director position has been revived. This time with a phunky little
name, and many fewer people with the title. Lord Soth and Deeply
Disturbed were placed into this position because of the sudden set of
circumstances surrounding the Senior members. That circumstance being
that all of us are moving around the begining of the month, because of
that time is being spread thin for all of us and help was needed. That
is where LS DD come in as the new Not-So-Senior Senior Staff
members :
3. The newest members of this little fag farm that we call iCE are the ANSI
artists Stone the Crow Thor, the great new VGA artist Borian, and the
amazing coder guy Khyron. No not the guy from ACiD.
4. The iCE Musicdisk Epidemic has finnaly been released, go find it.
4. Recently exiting iCE: Tho cares, they suck if they leave iCE : thhhhhpt
5. CybeR ChrisT has changed his handle to something a little more fitting..
TooN GooN. Yet another handle changed, will it ever stop????? Hell no.
5. The iCN hub is Sanctuarytm, 3o5.PRO.SANC, 21:1305/1. If you are in
iCE, and a sysop of your own board, call there and apply to get the
network. The net has been condensed, and it is all private now.
6. There are a few pictures that cant be viewed with Multi-View this
month, they are the side-scroller by DD, the 2 RIPs.
7. One more thing, a quick shout out to Black Ire. :
Tempus Thales Aphex Twin Shaggy Syntax Error
Stay Phunky all you ANSI Groupies out there! : -Shaggy