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1. Apologies for the tardiness on the pack
this month. The blame . can be placed on me, Syn
as I was in the process of taking exams, moving
to a new apartment, and heading home for my break.
I hope it was worth the wait. Now you can all get your ten minute fix.:
2. Policy Updates: N/A. We fear change.
3. Recent arrivals to iCE include: Cooly, Flick, Genesis, Sliver Cut,
Deeply Disturbed, ICL, MasterKen, iRON MAN, and Desolated Dream - Courier
4. Recently exiting iCE: King Midas.
5. The iCN hub is Sanctuarytm, 3o5.792.8771, 21:1305/1. If you are in
iCE, and a sysop of your own board, call there and apply to get the
network. The net has been condensed, and it is all private now.
6. There are a few pictures that cant be viewed with Multi-View this
month, they are the .EXE by Stealth Ninja, and the .JPGs by Mascot.
7. There seem to be a few questions regarding our info files that we release
within the monthly packs. Hopefully we can clear some of them up:
7a. Member Listing: Being listed on this list basically signifies that an
artist has released some iCE quality work within the past two months.
If a member is not listed, it is b/c he has either not been active, or
has been lacking in the quality department.
7b. Site Listing: iCE, under any circumstances, is not accepting anything
resembling an official site anymore, period. We feel that the few sites
that we have, coupled with the strength of the internet and regular
day to day trading gets the pack spread around plenty as-is. But thanks
for your support.
8. A big thanks goes out to our communications crew, namely Hellfire and
Opiate for all the communications help this month.
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