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1. June certainly has been a month
full of changes as evidenced by the
revamped memberlist, . information files, and
a few other things. A big goopy thanks to Aphex
for his invaluable help in the assembly of the pack.
2. Policy Updates:
a. We welcome Aphex Twin as a new iCE Senior Staff member.
b. The Literature division of iCE has been dissolved. Lit may be
seen from time to time in ansis, but it is the general consensus
of the group that this this be done.
3. Recent arrivals to iCE include: Opiate as the Courier Coordinator,
Cetis as the Communications Director, Fistandantilus as an artist,
and Cynic Cipher as a courier.
4. Recently exiting iCE: Cavalier, Iron Man, and Soul Blazer.
5. The iCN hub is Sanctuarytm, 3o5.792.8771, 21:1305/1. If you are in
iCE, and a sysop of your own board, call there and apply to get the
network. The net has been condensed, and it is all private now.
6. There are a few pictures that cant be viewed with Multi-View this
month, they are the .EXE by Stealth Ninja, and the .JPGs by sober and
7. Ellis Dee has changed his handle back to Aphex Twin.
8. Pantheon is the United States Headquarters of iCE. It is still
under construction and will be run by Shaggy and Lord Soth.
9. June and July have been designated as iCE Gooptm months.
10. We apologize for the discrepancies in last months pack, namely
Aphexs font.
Tempus Thales Aphex Twin Shaggy Syntax Error