t e r n a l i n s a n i t y
Oblivion/2 Blade World Head Quarters
MAD Distribution Site
HCH Distribution Site Paranoia M
ember Board ViP Couriers
Syndicate 908 Network Hub
Alternet 908 Hub
PFANet Eastern Head Quarters
ShadowNet Node
Imperial Node 96OO-144OO Supported
Attain NUP from any qua
lity board
Shots Outs to : Satan - Um, Anal!
Raistlin - Nice iRiDiUM 3..
Vill - Keep Kool.
Alter Ego - Welp, you beat me last month.. Ill be back..
Metal Head and Disco Dan - long paws.. um, hey dudes..
Tempus - Hope to beat, err.. meet you some time.
Nitrous A.K.A Special Ed of iCE Adverti
sements for February 1994!